A Cat Has A Copycat

A few months ago, Sylvia, my friend since childhood now living in a different country, texted me a screenshot of something unusual she caught online. Apparently, someone had been impersonating me out there for a while.

It was on a popular foreign sns which I used to frequent and where I had some followers. And it was likely a scam for money.

I forwarded it to some close friends. They soon texted back, highlighting that the copycat did not seem “高冷 (detached, nonchalant, with a hint of aloof e.g. leaving people on read)” enough to be convincing that it was me, though.

I think they were being genuine and pushing buttons at the same time. But I forgive them. They were right.

I had a glance at it myself and decided that I wasn’t interested in getting more involved, so I told Sylvia to go ahead and report it.

Please know that I would not approach my followers for likely anything.

In fact, when I occasionally was in the mood and reached out to be friendly with my friends—and they are not dumb; they are some of the smartest humans you could’ve met—and they know me really well, their normal reaction would be “No, you are not her.”

Some would even go so far as to contact me everywhere else trying to inform me that my account might have been compromised.

I sometimes wonder if in their eyes I only occasionally appear on Earth, or I am actually a heartless pet cat.

The point is, please consider anything appearing to be me but not of that nature a scam. I don’t care if you accidentally shut the real me out.. I care more about no one falling for a scam.



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