How FaFa Met Ran

Ran and I met each other a little less than a decade ago when I was staying in my previous home in Arlington.

That spring Ran was invited by Yiwei, her old friend and my then owner, to join a graduation trip to the Great Smoky Mountains. They were in different programs and Ran had to fly from Pittsburgh to Arlington to meet her there.

Our meeting took place soon after Ran arrived. I was sitting on the nightstand in Yiwei’s bedroom that day at that moment, happy and fluffy. Ran laid eyes on me, and it was love at first sight.

Ran said she had never seen something so goofy and cheery and cute af. Excuse her language. Blame my cuteness.

And then during that trip, Ran took me with her the entire time. We saw bears and deer along the way, and we saw a beautiful sunrise together at the Great Smoky Mountains. What beautiful memories.

Ran specifically wanted to find beavers at the Mountains so that I could have a little reunion with perhaps my kin, but we didn’t see any that time, and the staff at the national park told us to know to stay away even if we see any – you know, beavers, we are super fierce. Don’t expect beavers to act all nice to you simply because FaFa is a nice one, guys.

Yiwei saw how much Ran adored me, so at the end of the trip she gifted me to Ran – I was previously gifted to Yiwei by Yiwei’s friend after dude took a trip to Yellowstone. What can I say? I’m a great gift.

Before I left, Yiwei said to me to behave and be a good beaver, and live a great beaver life. She’s a girl with a kind heart, too, though she can be aggressive from time to time, to her human friends mostly.

Now that I mentioned it, I kinda miss Yiwei, though for all those years when she owned me I was forever sitting in her bedroom collecting dust. I think I prefer Ran in that sense – I got to see bears and deer and sunrise, you know.

Anyways, that’s the story how FaFa met Ran. Ran is now my best friend. My homie. I trust her with my imaginary beaver heart. I hope all humans treat plush animals as gentle as she does. That would make us super happy.

You can believe that everything in this world has a heart, if you choose to believe.

– FaFa 🦫🐾


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