Ran 🐰

An angel.

Currently missing wings, so not in her omnipotent form (yet).

Just kidding.

Ran enjoys sharing her ootd ideas, and is currently obsessed with 3d geometric modeling, endangered plants studies, and being invisible. She hopes you’d find something helpful here, be it something visually inspiring or simply something goofy for a good laugh.

Her heart is with all who believe in love & peace, so best of luck.

“Hello world!

I am a beaver from Yellowstone. I am fierce, and super cute.

Over the years, after Ran, my best friend, concluded that she was slightly more private than she needed to be as a blogger, I was invited to be a guest writer here to be talkative, which I am a genius for. I humbly accepted her offer.

English is not my first language. I speak Beaverese apparently, so don’t expect perfect English from me. But I know how to talk – you into laughing and out of feeling pathetic. You’ll like me.

I was created by the best part of Ran’s heart. You’ll see it for yourself if you also have a heart.

Hope you’ll like my writing here, and if you don’t, know that I don’t care.


– With 💙, FaFa”

FaFa the Beaver 🦫

Guest Writer/Columnist at FrenchTrifle.com